Instant Health Data (IHD): Leading the Way in Rapid Analytics for Real-World Data

Written by Jack Fuller, Business Development Manager

Boston Health Economics (BHE), a 19-year-old healthcare analytics firm, is excited to celebrate greater industry use of our leading Instant Health Data (IHD) platform.  Over the past few years, IHD has been transforming the way researchers and analysts interact with real-world data for improved insights.

IHD supports rapid analysis of multiple types of data including claims, claims and laboratory results, electronic medical records, hospital, and integrated data sources. Drawing on a respected team of outcomes researchers, physicians, methodologists, and software engineers, IHD has become a standard analytical tool for life science companies looking to leverage real world evidence (RWE) data assets.  Through extensive adoption and use of IHD, we have learned countless lessons from our clients and partners, with the main focal points being:

  1. People matter. Analytics platforms provide speed of analyses and rapid hypothesis testing capabilities, but there is no tool that can replace the analytic decisions made by clinical and statistical experts.
  2. Benefits of Big Data have been realized for RWE groups. The time is right to leverage advances in computer hardware and software to make optimal use of the wide variety of data assets.
  3. Speed is everything. The move to value based reimbursement has put even more pressure on companies to provide robust analyses to support products like never before. Stakeholders need answers quickly that can impact company bottom lines.

For the past two decades, BHE has worked with large observational datasets to perform retrospective database studies for clients throughout the life science industry.  BHE has constantly been on the cutting edge of utilizing technology to improve the efficiency of our work and has built several tools over the years to improve how we analyze real world evidence. The vision behind IHD was to develop a web-based interface that would remove the technical barriers in transforming data into information that can be shared with key stakeholders.  IHD has been leveraged by companies across the life sciences industry, including many of the top 10 pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

Agile analytics will be the key for companies moving forward, which we will explore in greater detail in future articles to come. If you are interested in learning more about IHD and how it can help your organization complete studies in days instead of weeks or months, please reach out to Jack Fuller at

Diabetes Hospitalization

The above is an example of the type of visualization you can build in IHD. This bar chart represents percent of patients who have a Diabetes related hospitalization, stratified by age groupings.

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